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Terms and Conditions

By means of the present, a GIFT VOUCHER is delivered for consumption within the PETRONIO COCINA DE AUTOR restaurant, which is governed by the

following clauses, which the buyer of the GIFT VOUCHER declares to know and transmit to the final bearer of the same.

Clause 1: The validity of the GIFT VOUCHER will be twelve (12) months from the date of purchase, and it is a form of advance payment, if it is not consumed

within the term indicated above, the loss of the amount paid will be caused.

Clause 2: The GIFT VOUCHER can only be used in GRUPO NERO SAS restaurants.

Clause 3: The GIFT VOUCHER is a form of advance payment for the consumption made in the establishment indicated in clause 2. The GIFT VOUCHER is

a BEARER BONUS, who with the mere display of the instrument before the issuer make the redemption (bearer) effective.

Clause 4: The GIFT VOUCHER may be used up to the amount printed on it and may not be exchanged for cash.

Clause 5: The GIFT VOUCHER must be used in its entirety on a single day and in a single establishment within its validity. It will not be possible

use a GIFT VOUCHER for purchases on different days and/or different establishments.

Clause 6: When consumption does not exceed the value of the GIFT VOUCHER, the bearer will be freely and voluntarily giving up the unused balance.

Clause 7: When the consumption exceeds the value of the GIFT VOUCHER, the holder of the voucher must pay with another form of payment the greater value consumed.

Clause 8: Accumulation: One or more Gift Vouchers can be accumulated to make the purchase of one or more products in the restaurants of GRUPO NERO SAS, provided that the veracity in obtaining each of them is verified.

Clause 9: In case of loss or destruction of the GIFT VOUCHER, the purchaser (person who makes the advance payment) must prove the purchase of the same and inform the issuer, so that, to the extent of the issuer's possibilities, the issuer can be identified. GIFT VOUCHER cancel it and replace it if necessary. The foregoing will proceed as long as the GIFT VOUCHER has not been used and is valid, the replacement of the GIFT VOUCHER does not alter its effective date.

These terms and conditions of use of the Gift Voucher are understood and accepted by the purchaser.

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