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¡En Semana Santa, descubre de los sabores del mar con nuestro festival de ceviches del Pacifico en Petronio!


Encuentra desde ceviches clásicos refrescantes, hasta innovadoras combinaciones inspiradas en Colombia.

ceviche #1

Sea bass and shrimp ceviche with orange, lemon, onion and paprika in bronoise. It is accompanied by cape gooseberry jam and crunchy banana.

ceviche #2

Shrimp ceviche with azotea herbs and a little coconut milk.


Ceviche #3

Ceviche with tilapia with onion, cilantro, leche de tigre, honey and wasabi. Accompanied by pickled paprika, blonde grapes and caramelized cashew. 

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Sustainable Fishing

Committed to responsible practices around the maritime, land and cultural environments that make up the Pacific of our country, Petronio Cocina De Autor supports and is committed to the protection of marine and coastal ecosystems through the select purchase of the supplies that make part of our dishes; and that in turn help to support the Chocó communities that subsist from these resources.  

Image by Xavier Smet
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